2015  Finalist

Y Generation



Quality vocational education is not accessible for millions of youth around the world. Not enough spots, too far, too expensive, poor quality, no employability guaranteed… In the meantime, multinational companies can find top management but have a hard time recruiting and retaining skilled middle-management, like qualified technicians and supervisors. Here comes Y GENERATION EDUCATION giving under-privileged youth around the world access to quality vocational education, through its adaptive e-learning and peer-to-peer innovative pedagogy. Y GENERATION’s unique model relies on three main pillars: part-time individualized e-learning, part-time apprenticeship working within our partners companies, and a coach to enhance personal and social development. We are a self-sustainable Social Business, as defined by our Honorary Chairman, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus. The studies are co-financed by our partner companies that pay for the recruitment and training provided, and by the students that benefit from a 0%-interest common loan, that they will reimburse jointly and proportionally to their level of salary, after the program. We are launching our Pilot Project in 3 large cities in Brazil in 2015.