2015  Finalist

Wedo Global



WEDO GLOBAL is a social enterprise that aims to create a harmonious and culturally diverse society by addressing issues related to cultural misunderstanding and conflict. Our mission is to 1) promote peace and cultural diversity; 2) advocate for multi-cultural education; 3) empower ethnic minorities. We are committed to enhance people’s global awareness, cultural understanding and sensitivity by conducting interactive multi-cultural workshops, community-based walking tours and overseas tours, which are co-created by experienced team members with various cultural backgrounds. Participants can experience, learn and reflect on cultural differences. In addition, we offer training programs for the under-represented ethnic minorities in the community to improve soft skills expand social network and gain more confidence. After training, they will be employed as WEDO cultural ambassadors to conduct and facilitate multi-cultural activities. Since 2012, we have developed a sustainable model and positively impacted more than 3,800 people from schools, charitable organizations and corporations in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.