2014  Finalist




According the FAO 45% of the fruit and vegetables get wasted, resulting in an endless spiral of poverty. Reducing this post-harvest loss is the most effective and affordable solution to hunger and food insecurity in the world, just by keeping fresh what is already grown. Wakati is a cheap and innovative solution that preserves fruit and vegetables with a microclimate instead of cooling to increase shelf life and reduce post-harvest losses by over 20 percent. Wakati provides a substitute for refrigeration for the vast group of people who cannot afford this and is easy to distribute and install, making it a usable, affordable, and foremost a profitable solution that will change millions of lives. The farmers benefit from an increased income, less wasted resources and labor, while having a better bargaining position against the wholesalers because of the prolonged shelf life. Market vendors get a better quality of crops that they can preserve longer in Wakati and the community benefits from more, better, and nutritious food. Wakati can help free up labor by optimization from the agricultural sector to providing other products and services.