2015  Finalist

Toilets for People



Toilets for People (TfP) sells affordable, hygienic and sustainable composting toilets, sanitation consulting services and training in local capacity building to NGOs. We focus on serving communities living in the developing world where conventional sanitation solutions like pit latrines and flush toilets fail. TfP’s signature product – the Compact, Rotating, Aerobic, Pollution-Prevention, Excreta, Reducer, known as the Crapper – is a self-contained, waterless composting toilet that uses a proven technology to safely treat human waste. Our design is open-source to maximize impact and promote long term sustainability. In flood-prone and waterlogged areas, flush toilets back up and pit latrines overflow contaminating drinking water supplies. TfP succeeds in providing toilets to these communities through partnerships with NGOs already working on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) either to achieve development goals or for disaster relief. In addition to bringing health, the CRAPPER brings the privacy, safety, comfort, convenience and dignity people want.