2014  Finalist

The Legend of Potatoes



Potato is the main source of food that local farmers in poverty rely for existence in many regions of western China, where high in the mountain, weather is cold and cereals can’t get a high yield. Supported by Center of Potato Research and Development (CPRD) of Sichuan Agricultural University, The Legend of Potatoes created a new cooperation model of “Scientific research plus Company plus Government plus Farmer”, for the purpose of improving traditional and backward farming production. The Legend of Potatoes popularizes excellent purple potato varieties, which economic value is more than 8-10 times that of common varieties. It is estimated that the economic value of planting 1000 hectares of purple potatoes is about $675,000. At least 450 farmer families will benefit from this model and get rich, this could help millions of farmers from impoverished region to become prosperous.