2014  Finalist

Tea Tree


South Korea

Tea Tree is a social enterprise that manufactures and sells an eco-friendly mosquito-repellent product, MOSTOP, in order to give a solution to malaria in developing countries, especially for children and low-income families. MOSTOP is a product made with essential natural oils from Citronella, and therefore is safe, unlimitedly usable, and even cheap. This is why MOSTOP can be an ideal alternative solution to malaria that complements the existing methods. Through the MOSTOP project, we are able to suggest the solution for the prevention of malaria, while helping the local economy of developing countries to be vitalized. That is, the Tea Tree will connect the locals with the whole process of this business from cultivating citronella to manufacturing and promoting the sales of MOSTOP. We believe that the project can prepare the locals to gain financial independence and in turn will lift up their living standards; thus, making it possible for them to afford a relatively more expensive medicine despite contracting malaria.