2014  Finalist




According to the WHO, 32 million people worldwide live maimed of one or two limbs. 80% of these amputees live in developing countries, where less than 5% are fitted with an artificial prosthesis. Hence, over 24 million amputees are not fitted with a prosthetic limb. Since 85% of the total number of amputees needs prosthetic legs, there is a significant (~21 million) unmet amputee demand in the developing world. Currently, there are no adequate artificial legs that meet this amputee demand because the available technologies are either (1) expensive and high-end created to meet the demand in the Western world, or (2) cheap but very uncomfortable and poor quality. SwissLeg is a Social Business that offers affordable, high quality and high-mobility and low cost prosthetic legs combing innovative design, simple material, and fast manufacturing process, to give amputees in the developing world the possibility to walk and run at a minimal cost.