2012  Finalist

Station Energy Services



Station Energy Services is a social business that develops energy-access solutions for Sub-Saharan rural populations. Among these is the Station Energy©, a concept inspired by petrol stations and African grocery shops. Thanks to its solar panels, Station Energy is a multi-service store in village centers providing access to diversified energetic services. Sta­tion Energy alleviates poverty by expanding freedom of choice and action of the populations on a lasting basis. The issue at stake is as enormous as the potential market: in Africa, 500 million people lack ac­cess to sustainable energy, and thus spend billions on expensive sources. With over 500 stations expected to be operational by 2017, Station Energy Services will cre­ate a distribution network of Station Energy franchises selling low-impact goods and services to one million Africans in rural areas. Station Energy has been designed as a turn-key solution for all investors looking for a profitable impact-investment opportunity.