1st Place 2012  Finalist




Spill is an online community that saves lives by offering anonymous peer support to students in need by connecting them with other students who have experienced similar issues—we bring em­pathy online. At spillnow.com users can vent anonymously about whatever is troubling them and receive anonymous peer support within 48 hours. Spillers receive up to five messages of support that include feedback, empathy, and relevant resources. Mental health professionals screen all spills within 5 minutes of receipt. If a spill indicates that the spiller may be a threat to themselves or others, immediate action is taken, according to the Spill Crisis Protocol depending on the level of crisis. To date, Spill has intervened on 19 potential suicides, an undeniable social benefit of the company. Spill has plans to expand to other markets such as the military, high schools, and other like-minded online communities.