2014  Finalist




SocialGiver revolutionizes fundraising by breaking the barriers between consumer spending and donations through a technology-enabled platform that allows businesses to utilize their spare service capacity to engage new customers. Thailand’s hospitality industry wastes $20 billion in unused service capacity annually; SocialGiver partners with leading businesses to convert this spare capacity into CSR, marketing, and cost reductions – significantly boosting their triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit). Through the introduction of SocialCoin, we allow users to spend their dollar twice: every dollar can be spent (by choosing an available service offered on our website) and then also donated (by choosing which project their dollar actually goes to). Social projects then receive funds they need to deliver social impact. SocialGiver aims to raise $22 million for 2,400 projects in Thailand by year 2018. Our focus is currently local, while we are actively exploring opportunities to expand globally through partnerships.