2012  Finalist




Every five seconds one person in the world goes blind. This huge group of people have been technologically neglected and socially marginalized in this information era. Because of their visual impairment, it is extremely difficult for them to acquire information in the form of printed text. Snewfly is a hi-tech company that offers innovative solutions to help the visually impaired smooth and expand their reading experience. Our first generation product, SmartEye Reader, is a portable reading device that is designed to translate printed text directly into human voice for the purpose of daily browsing as well as educational nourishing. In a unique fashion, SmartEye Reader will provide blind users with affordable and easy access to paper media. By 2017, with the joint efforts from government and partners, we expect to release a series of regionally-customized SmartEye Readers to reach out to the majority of the blind population in China as well as in other countries.