2014  Finalist

Smart Pill Box



According to the United Nations, the aging population will account 22% in the world in 2050. In China, 924 elders die because of emergencies among every 10,000 dead elders. Families are always too busy to take good care of them. The resource of government is increasingly improved, but it is impossible to cover all the elders. Our project aims to build up a household and outdoor safety ecosystem by the smart wearable device combining an interactive app. Smart pillbox V1.0 is a flower-shaped device (with app) has medicine reminder, one-key calling for emergency and GPS positioning, which is user friendly and affordable. It is valuable for families to stay connected and maintain control of their schedule while they care for health and safety of their family, without asking them to give up independence. Also, an offline activity offers an opportunity getting elders and designers together to design cloth packages for our product.