1st Place 2011  Finalist




Sanergy is permanently reducing sanitation-related disease in Africa’s slums by making sanitation accessible, affordable, and sustainable. 2.6 billion people in developing countries lack access to basic sanitation. The resulting disease kills 1.6 million children each year and costs countries as much as 6.4% of GDP in lost productivity. We are starting with the 8 million slum dwellers across Kenya that live in areas with minimal water access and no sewage infrastructure. Our team of engineers and entrepreneurs from MIT takes an innovative, systems-based approach to create a scalable and profitable model for sanitation provision. We franchise a dense network of small-scale sanitation center to local entrepreneurs throughout the slums. We then collect the waste to convert it into electricity sold to the national grid and organic fertilizer sold to farms. At each step, Sanergy creates jobs, opportunity, and profit, while addressing serious social needs.