2nd Place 2015  Finalist




It is ReMaterials’ mission to provide high quality roofing to families living in slums and villages in India and the world. Over 1 billion people in the world lack adequate roofing and 70% of these people cannot afford a conventional concrete slab roof. They are forced to use poor quality corrugated cement and metal sheets, that get unbearably hot, crack and corrode, cause water leakage and noise, and contain toxic substances like asbestos. This results in severe health issues, discomfort and lower quality of life. ReMaterials aims to fill this market gap. Our roofing solution, ModRoof, is made almost entirely of waste, provides superior thermal insulation, is strong, its modularity allows for incremental installation and repair and it looks aesthetically pleasing – transforming a house into a home. ReMaterials manufactures in Ahmedabad, India. We are currently conducting pilot installations with Microfinance Companies, laying the foundation to an expansion throughout India and globally.