2014  Finalist




RejuvenEyes is a high volume, high quality Affordable Eye Care System aiming to tackle preventable blindness due to cataract. We intend to operate the latest phacoemulsification surgery at $50/Surgery by combining our asset and innovation in phacoemulsification. Our competitive advantage accrues from an entrepreneurially driven model (surgeons would also be investors). Our business model marries training (upfront cash) with healthcare delivery, where revenue from training paramedics and overseas doctors would bring upfront cash that would help to take care of Working Capital needs. Our Capital expenditure would be low due to innovations in the phacotechnology. We intend to breakeven in the third year, the social impact generated over a five year period would be more than 10,000+ sight saving surgeries, training manpower and enhancing the working lifespan of patients. We are known for customer satisfaction (patients and students), choose technology with care (cost effective), develop our own methodology, build quality in whatever we do, cultivate low cost innovation as a habit, and finally invest in the brand.