2014  Finalist




Founded in Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2014/3, Redeem strives to promote “the second round” and the redemption of ex-offenders. Most crimes were caused by ex-offenders over the world. We strongly believe it is the time to emphasize the issue and change the stereotype of ex-offenders for social society. Therefore, we developed a business model consisting of three parts: (1) relay-station, (2) contact guarantee and (3) the Job-Matching Service. The relay-station helps ex-offenders to train their professional skills and psychological mindset. The contract guarantee ensures the financial compensation to employer. The job-matching service assists employer and labor meet their demand. Via the assistance of the Taiwan After-Care Association, religion institution and Fu-Jiang moving company, we began with five successful cases of changing the ex-offenders into normal people and got jobs. With the physical evidence of ten cooperative existing employers and accessible more than 500 ex-offenders, we are convinced that our business model will be effective, which is replicable and expandable to the other countries. In all, we are convinced that Redeem will create a monumental value over the world.