2nd Place 2011  Finalist

Prakti Design



Today half the world’s population relies on biomass for their cooking needs. The biomass stoves or fires they cook on produce toxic fumes that kill almost 2 million people a year. These fires also consume over twice the necessary fuel and contribute to global warming and deforestation. Prakti Design is a for-profit company that designs and disseminates fuel-efficient, clean-burning cookstoves for the base of the pyramid. We advocate a human-centered design tailored to regional cooking practices and received good feedback to date. The whole community is impacted with a wide range of stoves, micro-financing schemes, and distribution -both by existing networks and trained salespersons- promoting local economic development. Following successful pilots that have improved the lives of 25,000 people in South India and Nepal, Prakti plans its first full-commercial distribution to roll-out from this July in India.