2017  Finalist

Oishii Farm



Oishii Farm’s proprietary indoor vertical farming technology will revolutionize the agriculture industry by growing local, sustainable, pesticide free produce year round in any location in the world. Oishii Farm directly addresses critical environmental pain points including high water and land usage, long distance transportation from farm to consumer, environmental degradation caused by fumigants and pesticides, and substandard labor conditions for farm laborers. Oishii Farm grows some of the world’s highest quality produce while reducing water usage by 95%, achieving a 4,700% greater yield than conventional agriculture, decreasing food loss during transportation and retailer stages to nearly 0%, eliminating 97% of CO2 emission, using 0 pesticides, and providing a clean, safe environment for workers. Oishii Farm’s competitive advantage over hydroponic growers is the diversity of vegetables and fruits that its technologies are capable of growing, thereby making a greater range of fresh produce items locally available year round.