2nd Place 2014  Finalist

Odyssey Sensors



Odyssey Sensors designs, builds, and distributes low-cost sensors for small-plot or low income aquaculture and agriculture to increase productivity for bottom of the pyramid farmers while mitigating environmental damage from poor farming practice. Our mission is to promote sustainability by increasing the accessibility of crucial technological tools that will promote efficiency and decrease environmental impact from non-commercial farming. Odyssey Sensors currently has two products. The first, HealthyShrimp, is a sensor designed to improve Southeast Asian shrimp farmers’ ability to measure salt in their shrimp ponds, which affects both local environmental health and production yields. The second, TroughSentry, is a low-cost sensor which monitors trough water levels in remote livestock farms. Odyssey Sensors has already generated its first revenue due to the partnership with Agriwebb, an Australian company distributing the TroughSentry, and has partnered with several NGOs and private organizations interested in the HealthyShrimp sensor.