2nd Place 2018  Finalist




Johns Hopkins University

NeMo (Neonatal Monitoring) empowers mothers to accurately and frequently monitor newborns to identify signs of severe illness and facilitate early referral of sick neonates. Over 2.9 million newborns die every year due to largely preventable causes, with mortality rates highest in the first 7 days which could be averted by timely identification and referral. The number of frontline health workers globally remains inadequate to provide timely visits to most newborn infants. As a result, our team has developed NeMo, a two-part system comprised of a physical device to monitor the neonates’ respiratory rate and temperature, as well as a phone-based application to guide the mother through the clinical assessment of the newborn baby. The goal of this system is to enable reliable assessment of neonates for identification of danger signs of severe illness to facilitate early referral of sick neonates, especially during the critical first week of life.