2017  Finalist




Looking beyond towering cities in China, over 300 million residents and 1 million school children in rural and semi-rural China consume water deemed unsafe to drink every day. Clean water companies attempt to reach these markets with affordable products. However, there has been few data to guide their market strategy. Through an ever-growing nationwide network of professionally trained teams, MyH2O aims to bridge the gap by collecting water quality data and real-time market data directly from customers for clean water solution providers to link their product with communities that most need them. Through support from Echoing Green, National Geographic, and Alibaba foundations, our network gained over 70 teams in 2016 alone covering over 800 villages across 23 Chinese states. Currently, MyH2O’s leadership includes water industry professionals and scholars in US and China and is now providing services for three clean water solution providers, with over thousands of data successfully collected.