2nd Place 2017  Finalist




1 in 4 inner-city youth witnesses a murder before the age of 17. However, with 1 counselor for every 500 students in the average urban school district, most students’ mental health needs are left unidentified and unmet, leaving millions with a pain that has no name. MindRight is a 501c3 education nonprofit with the mission of helping at-risk youth recover from trauma. We provide evidence-informed mental health coaching over text message to high school students. Through our service, we help youth develop positive coping skills to manage traumatic stress. Our trained coaches draw from evidence-based interventions, including trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) and mindfulness. We use texting to meet youth where they are. Our vision is to change the paradigm of mental health by making evidence-based mental health support accessible to all kids living in poverty.