2018  Finalist




Politecnico di Milano

Cancer is one of the most common pathologies in the world, diagnosed to more than 14M patients/year, more than 70% of these patients will undergo chemotherapy, whose main drawbacks are the side effects caused by the drug itself and by the common overdosing practices. First target pathologies will be liquid tumours (leukaemia and lymphoma) - 350.000 patients/year in the world. µEryLō (micro Erythrocyte Lōading) is developing an innovative device to use the patients' red blood cells as drug carriers. The device that will work directly on the patient' whole blood at their bedside, reducing the contamination risk and maintaining the standard chemotherapy session. By preserving the cell physiological state, we can provide the patient with a prolonged therapy, with limited side effects. The tech core is in a disposable cartridge, that can be adapted to the existing dialysis systems. A patent was filed last December after testing on human blood.