2012  Finalist

Marine Gifts



Marine Gifts, founded in 2011, is the first and only Vietnamese social enterprise that aims to improve lives of poor women living in and around marine protected areas by giving them employ­ment opportunities and living skills training. Women are equipped with essential skills to be able to make handicrafts from marine by-products (such as dead shells, seeds of mangrove plants, and so on) and to provide community-based eco/cultural tourism services. With capital gains, Marine Gifts is taking a lead role in raising awareness through activities on marine conservation and community development works. Thanks to excellent tourism development potential and also avail­ability of resources and markets for handicraft-making in coastal areas of Vietnam and Southeast Asia, Marine Gifts plans to expand our business to benefit disadvantaged people in vulnerable eco­logical areas in other countries that actively contribute to balance governments’ purposes of natural resource conservation and local people’s development needs.