2015  Finalist



South Korea

Lumir C is an LED lamp that lights up by converting a candle’s heat energy into electric energy without any exterior power. Through a trip to India, we learned about the seriousness of blackouts in developing countries. Instead of electric power, a paraffin lamp is mainly used in Africa and some developing countries in Asia where electric power is not supplied properly. Although they are using a candle to light up the darkness instead of a harmful and expensive paraffin lamp, its brightness is not enough for everyday life. Therefore, we have discovered how to light up a room by using just a candle. Lumir is a growing venture team incubated by Social Entrepreneur Incubating Business. The main members majored in electrical engineering and have a high understanding of appropriate technology. The team has a social venture item qualified through various competitions of technology, investment and domestic largest scale. Lumir is trying to become a company that makes profits while solving social problems rather than just a simple product selling company. We will sustain the light which is the basis of life.