2012  Finalist



South Africa

Lulaway, which means the “easy way” in Zulu, is a recruitment optimization solution for low-income jobs in South Africa. Lulaway provides job candidates the services of job discovery, application, and screening in low-income areas through permanent and mobile internet cafés and kiosks which are either owned or affiliated with Lulaway. Lulaway also provides corporate recruitment services via its internet platform linking its registered job seekers and facilitating candidate discovery, communication, and process management. Launched in late 2011 with three branches near Johannesburg, Lulaway’s database has grown to over 2,500 active job seekers with over 400 successful placements to date with application rates averaging 100 per day. Growth thus far has been through three channels: satellite operations, strategic alliances, and private-public-partnerships. Lulaway’s vision is to become the market leader in recruiting within its target market in 5 years.