2016  Finalist

Link Accessibility



At present, nearly 16 million visually impaired people in China are living an “isolated” life, in which they could not enjoy the convenience of information technology because the Web products are not accessible.Our mission is making the visually impaired people enjoy information civilization equally by living and working in accessible environment. We provide accessibility consulting and testing service to dot-com companies from the perspectives of developing processes, organizational structures of accessibility, and product concepts. We aim to make the society pay close attention to the needs of the visually impaired people while realizing the accessibility of Web products.Until now, we have already cooperated with twenty mainstream Web products in China. We plan to put forward the related policy and standard as well as optimizing the accessibility of most mainstream Web products. Therefore, the visually impaired people could enjoy the convenience of information technology while integrating into mainstream society, which can also bring them more high-tech employment opportunities.