2016  Finalist




Kwiizi is a Cameroonian start-up based in Doula. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the education access is limited by a lack of teachers, difficulties to have Internet connection and an access to a library. The KwiiziBox allows educational institutions to obtain millions of articles, books and videos for education while providing a communication platform where students and teachers can even make video calls, all without Internet connection. Indeed, the Wi-Fi of the KwiiziBox can interconnect people. They can communicate and learn better on any device across the browser. Kwiizi is currently present in 5 schools in Douala with 2,000 users and want to extend its activity in Cameroon and also in others countries in Africa. The main social impact is the improvement of the success rate for students and the increase of the literacy rate. Moreover, the Kwiizi box does not consume a lot of electricity, is biodegradable, and is manufactured with cornhusks. The main key partners are Wikipedia, IP Cortex, Raspberry, Activ Spaces, and Les Amis de Linux.