Pitch Award 2014  Finalist

Keri & Care



Women immigrating from sub-saharian Africa with low qualifications face a double discrimination when looking for a job: because of their gender and because of their origin. Keri&Care is a hairdresser salon in Paris (France) and a global network that offers to these women the opportunity to rise up and get a fair chance. Through an enhancive job in their host country, our women not only get a hairdresser degree but also the chance to work in a place aiming at the reconstruction of their confidence and well-being, and their lasting social and professional integration. Our team is dedicated to create a space where we care about the women working at Keri&Care but also about the women, with curly, frizzy, and dry hair who will get to express the special beauty of their hair, that traditional hairdressers often cast aside. Starting in France, our social franchising network will grow internationally, to empower women beyond our own frontiers.