2015  Finalist




The increasing number of stray animals in urban China is a serious problem: every year there are around 5 million dog bites, but only about 200 non-official shelters which lack of funding to handle the stray animal problem. In comparison the market of pet products and pet services in China has reached $5 Billion in 2013 and is expanding by 8% yearly. HomeStray is a social venture that aims to change this situation. By partnering with stray animal shelters and using the Wechat platform, HomeStray built a B2C online platform specializing in pet products and O2O for pet services, which could provide funding and additional support to shelter partners. The ultimate purpose is to solve the stray animal problem in urban China. The establishment of HomeStray significantly meets pet owners’ consumption demand and the willingness to care for stray animals. Currently HomeStray has attracted 5 animal shelters and over 20 thousand followers.