2018  Finalist




Heart Disease is the number one killer all around the world. However, the death cause in many cases is the LATE detection of the disease. This necessitates the NEED for early diagnosis of coronary heart disease. . But the current screening tools are not accurate enough, are invasive, expensive and not easily accessible to general public. HEARTSTRINGS is an accurate, non-invasive and low-cost technology for screening and early diagnosis of heart disease. By using a person’s usual health data including ECG and demographic data and applying our unique artificial intelligence technology, we offer a certified decision support tool to doctors and help them detect heart disease before it gets late. Our solution helps many patients in discovering if they suffer from heart disease, even if they have no obvious symptoms, which leads to saving millions of lives! With an approach which is 2-times more accurate, 10-times faster and 49-times cheaper than the current methods, our technology have the capacity to serve millions of people each year.