2nd Place 2012  Finalist

Greenovation Technologies



Founded by four aspiring social-entrepreneurs from the University of Dhaka, Greennovation Technologies is aimed at solving the acute housing crisis for the bottom of pyramid people in Bangladesh, a country of 140 million people. Studies show that ~52% of the people in the country either do not have access to basic housing or live in houses built of temporary and unsecured inferior housing materials like tree-leaves and thatch. Ever prevailing poverty and geographical externalities are two main impetuses behind this inhuman scenario. And to fight this, we are introducing an affordable and sustainable housing material named JutinĀ®, produced from a composition of jute (hessian cloth) and resin using a patent-protected innovative technology. The venture creates value for its customers, employees, and the community as a whole. Additionally it has substantial benefits for the environment and economic development of the country.