2012  Finalist

Faso Prot


Burkina Faso

Malnutrition is a major health problem in Africa and especially in Burkina Faso where it causes 50% of under-five mortality and where 46% of the population lives below the poverty line. However, promoting local products and common food practices such as shea caterpillars, a highly nutritional larva present in various regions, could improve the situation. FasoProt is a company that aims to promote these caterpillars through the development of an agribusiness model that could raise revenues for more than 2,000 rural women collecting caterpillars. FasoProt would distribute caterpillar powder for children and pregnant women (around 15,000 per year), and dried caterpillars for local people fond of that hyper-protein meal. The founders, Kahitouo HIEN and Christophe MANDI, are Burkinabe engineers, specialized in environment and nutrition. FasoProt aims at becoming a major stakeholder in poverty and malnutrition reduction, with a sustainable and replicable project in West and Central Africa.