1st Place 2018  Finalist




Globally and in Lebanon, the clothing industry is a large contributor of waste severe impacts on the environment. FabricAID addresses the fabric waste problem by implementing a creative model that optimizes the fabric waste value chain through smart collection, management, need base distribution, innovative clothing bin system and social franchising. FabricAID generates a social and environmental impact by reducing fabric waste, increasing job creation, providing affordable clothing for vulnerable communities and ensuring the sustainability of NGOs in this sector. FabricAID collects clothes from NGOs, businesses, municipalities and academic institutions through organizing clothes drives and distributing smart collection bins, for every kilogram collected a partnering charity benefits from USD 0.5. The collected clothes are graded, sorted and cleaned to be sold at extremely affordable prices to marginalized communities through thrift shops and pop-up markets. Clothes inappropriate for reuse are shredded and used as stuffing in manufacturing pillows, mattresses and other fabric related material.