2015  Finalist

Eco co (Ecological Coffering)


Burkina Faso

With Eco Co – Ecological Coffering – we dream of a construction world that is more environmentally friendly. That is why we work on construction sites equipment made of plastic instead of wood. We have developed an innovative material based on recycled plastics, which has unlimited uses on construction sites. The first one is a formwork solution, where the cement is poured. Totally adapted to construction companies’ constraints, it is cheaper and as effective as existing formwork. We’re carrying out studies to propose new products based on our material, such as modular, comfortable and transportable houses. We want to revolutionize the construction industry by using a material that is not typically used in our countries. Plastic waste is indeed not treated here and is responsible for many sanitation problems and diseases. We propose a new outlet for this raw material, and we want to encourage the recycling industry in order to build more sustainable African societies.