Quick Pitch 2015  Finalist




Du’Anyam is a social enterprise aiming to improve maternal and newborn health in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia by reducing prenatal risks associated with heavy agricultural labor and lack of proper nutrition during pregnancy. This is done through providing alternative employment that leverages an existing local skillset, wicker weaving. Targeting locations with limited employment opportunity, Du’Anyam creates farming/weaving cooperatives consisted of women of childbearing age where a pregnant woman weaves while other co-op members tend her farm. Du’Anyam provides functional and marketable product design and brings the artisanal crafts to national and international market. Some of the co-op’s profits are used to cover prenatal expenses and purchase nutritious foods. The combination of economic empowerment, reduction in heavy labor, and nutrition improvement decreases the risks of maternal and newborn complications. There are potentials to replicate the model in other rural areas with heavy dependence on agriculture and existence of amenable village skillset.