2017  Finalist




With the objective of alleviating the problem of poverty in areas part of the bottom of the pyramid, Dr. Noah started in 2015. Our approach to this solution is our bamboo toothbrush, which taps into the potential of bamboo and connects global resources for local development.Bamboo is an abundant yet underutilized resource in subtropical climate areas where many of the world’s poor live. With our specialty in preventive dentistry, commitment for social impact, and drive to create a competitive product, we were able to develop our unique bamboo toothbrush drilling-and-tufting technology. This technology sets our product apart from those currently in the market with a competitive price, functionality and ergonomic design. By connecting our technology with bamboo, we are able to offer a competitive product that offers the consumer social and environmental impact. Through this toothbrush, we will create jobs for women in the bottom of the pyramid and reduce plastic waste for our shared future.