1st Place 2015  Finalist




Drinkwell improves livelihoods for the 200 million people living in arsenic and fluoride-affected areas by blending locally-sourced technology with a franchise business model that co-opts existing rural distribution channels to create jobs, improve health outcomes, and catalyze local economies. The key to Drinkwell’s model is the creation of a network of para-skilled service engineers who ensure sustainability of SMEs that initially provide safe water, but who can eventually provide a mix of life-saving products. Unlike current best practice reverse osmosis, Drinkwell’s patented technology delivers 60x more water, is 17x more energy efficient, and reduces waste by 6 orders of magnitude while providing safe, tasty drinking water enjoyed by over 200,000 people across India, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, and Nepal to-date. Drinkwell’s team consists of Fulbright Scholars who have validated a business model through executed licenses wherein which channel partners have won more than $300,000 in municipal government contracts.