2014  Finalist

Disease Diagnostics Group



Disease Diagnostic Group (DDG) is a for-profit social venture specializing in the development of rapid, accurate, and inexpensive disease diagnostic tests. Our core focus is on the $1 billion malaria diagnostic market, and our flagship product is RAM (Rapid Assessment of Malaria). This novel, proprietary device utilizes magneto-optical technology to provide accurate a malaria diagnosis in less than 60 seconds at 1/10th the cost at 100x the detection level of current solutions. Identifying that malaria parasites have a magnetic byproduct allows RAM become a reusable, mechanical device with a plastic consumable and provide a handheld, quantitative diagnosis. RAM can detect below the point of being symptomatic, meaning it finally offers an elimination-setting test for those who carry a traditionally undetectable infection, while still meeting the cost and sensitivity requirements to become the universal method of malaria diagnosis.