2011  Finalist




DeepScan Company Limited aims to provide affordable high-performance cancer detection devices to reduce death rate from cancer globally. The first version of our product targets cervical cancer. Cervical cancer kills 300,000 women a year and 80% of these deaths occurred in developing countries including Thailand. The main reason is the lack of early detection. Currently, less than 10% of all hospitals in Thailand can perform complete cancer checking and analysis. In addition, because of the current time consuming and painful process, most women go to the hospital at very late stage which leads to less than 40% chance of survival. DeepScan offers real-time and immediate cancer detection, allowing doctor to identify the cancer cell right on the spot. With DeepScan, patients can have cancer check near their homes since an early stage, giving them more than 90% chance of survival. DeepScan provides profitable return to investors and saves thousands of live.