2010  Finalist




One child dies every 15 seconds from preventable waterborne diseases because one-sixth of humanity still struggles to meet their basic need for water. BlueDrop is a for-profit company that has developed a low-cost water chlorination system, designed to provide safe drinking water to people living on less than $2 per day. Since 40% of purified water sources are re-contaminated before consumption, chlorine is a more effective method of treating biologically-contaminated water because it continues to disinfect after the initial treatment. The BlueDrop system can produce chlorine and automatically dose it into water in off-grid areas. The robust design can be made in India with locally-available materials, making it easy-to-maintain in resource-constrained areas. Micro-franchises will provide clean water to communities and sustainable financial revenues to micro-entrepreneurs and our company. This summer, we are launching in Eastern India where we have strong partnerships with NGOs and government agencies.