2011  Finalist

Beti Halali


Burkina Faso

Currently in Chad, 95% of homes are made from mud brick and more than 91% of urban population lives in slums. Beti Halali plans to address this housing crisis through an enterprise for the fabrication and distribution of eco-friendly building materials and the construction of homes based in N’Djamena. Its mission is to make more modern, sustainable, ecological and economical homes accessible to the Chadian population. Its eco-friendly building materials provide about 50% cost savings compared to cement homes while resulting in minimal environmental impacts through the use of agricultural byproducts. Additionally, Beti Halali offers a financing system based on a popular savings and credit mechanism in Africa: the tontine. This allows customers to avoid loans with exorbitant interest rates ( greater than 15%). Custom-built homes are designed to meet customer requirements while adapting to their financial capabilities. Beti Halali will promote sustainable urban development through increased access to decent and healthy housing.