3rd Place 2016  Finalist




Agruppa leverages mobile phone technology to empower small Mom-and-Pop shops in low income neighborhoods by providing them with fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices. Agruppa creates a virtual buying group among these Mom-and-Pop shops to aggregate their demand for fruits and vegetables into daily collective orders at wholesale prices transferable to end consumers. In Colombia alone, there are an estimated 340.000* Mom-and-Pop shops that sell 70%* of the food consumed in the country, making them key players in their communities’ nutrition and food security. Through an innovative business model, Agruppa saves these Mom-and-Pop shops time and money, thus increasing their operational efficiency. This makes their lives easier and facilitates the growth of their business. Agruppa has been selling to 50 Mom-and-Pop shops in Bogota since September 2015, providing them with savings on transportation and giving them access to discounts of 5% compared to market retail prices.