2010  Finalist




With advanced methods of doing agriculture and implementing best practices from across the world, AgriSolutions intends to transform the agriculture industry in India. In Andhra, the use of traditional methods of cultivation leads to high costs, low yields and tedious processes. With heavily fragmented land holdings and an average acreage of less than 2 acres, it is very difficult for farmers to adopt any technology by themselves. The increase in labor costs and cultivation costs has made agriculture an unviable practice. AgriSolutions uses agriculture equipment for rice cultivation to aid the farmers for nursery, ploughing, planting and harvesting the crop with the best practices available. These result in a considerable reduction in cost, increase in yield and also improve the productivity of land by more than 30%. AgriSolutions uses vermi-compost units, godowns and machinery operations as the means to provide employment to traditional laborers in need of work.