GSVC focuses on the Lean Launch methodology for social ventures. Teams from across the globe are invited to learn how to design scalable models through a process that emphasizes stakeholder discovery, business innovation, and social impact assessment. Below are some resources that will help guide your team as you develop and scale your social venture startup.

Here are a few key resources GSVC recommends teams review to prepare to enter:

Lean Launch Methodology Resources:

  • Purpose Centered Design: The Startup Discovery Canvas: The Startup Discovery Canvas is an alternative to the traditional business model canvas that allows teams to think through key areas of their business model. While not a requirement, we strongly encourage teams to complete the canvas early on as a way to frame thinking around your venture/startup.
  • Review Steve Blank videos on “How To Build a Startup”, including videos on the customer discovery process:
  • Take the Udacity Course “How To Build a Startup“:

Resource on Design Thinking and Prototyping here

Business Model

Simple Business Model Design

Lean Startup Principles

Problem Framing

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Go-to-Market Strategy

Financial Model

  • Use the Startup Discovery Canvas materials at the top of this page
Stakeholder Interviews

Stakeholder Mapping

Customer Interviews

Social Impact

Define: Theory of Change

Quantify: Define Effective Metrics

Track: Social Impact Assessment

To learn more about impact investing, visit The Global Impact Investing Network

Presentation & Communication

Storytelling and Communication

Executive Summary

Pitch Deck & Video

GSVC Webinars

Problem-Solution Fit

Social Impact Assessment