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Symposium & 2016 Global Finals

April 1-2, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand

On April 6-7, 2017 at UC Berkeley, sixteen teams from 11 countries competed for $80,000 in cash prizes at the 18th annual GSVC Global Finals and Future of Social Ventures Conference. Learn more below about the participating teams and watch the presentations from select finalist teams and conference speakers.

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Congratulations to our 2016 winners!

First Place <span>BLITAB</span>

SECOND PLACE <span>MindRight</span>

THIRD PLACE <span>ATLAS</span>


PEOPLE’S CHOICE <span>Roots Studio</span>

QUICK PITCH <span>Young for Elder</span>

Participating Teams

Aazer is an online social cooperative platform that brings people globally in solidarity with each other. Aazer offers a monthly sustainable growing budget to members to support their social projects, friends, beloved family members or even themselves.

AMIntegrated Aerial Limited is a crop spraying company. By using drone technology, we are tackling the excessive application of agrochemicals by providing a more precise mechanized dispersal method cheaper, faster and better.

Atlas is a biocide based on natural molecule against mosquitoes vector population cause of diseases such us Malaria, Dengue and the new emergence Zika.

D-Heart is the first electrocardiograph for smartphone that everyone could use without medical knowledge. We bring the cardiologist everywhere is needed.

With the objective of alleviating the problem of poverty in areas part of the bottom of the pyramid, Dr. Noah started in 2015. Our approach to this solution is our bamboo toothbrush, which taps into the potential of bamboo and connects global resources for local development.

GreenMinded is a Zero Waste company aiming to recycle traditionally non-recyclable waste in a fun way. We are first targeting the most littered item worldwide: cigarette butts. We do this by creating the first connected ashtray worldwide, the BorntoRecycle.

Through an ever-growing nationwide network of professionally trained teams, MyH2O aims to bridge the gap by collecting water quality data and real-time market data directly from customers for clean water solution providers to link their product with communities that most need them.

Kheyti helps smallholder farmers in India battle income variability through affordable technologies bundled with services. We offer farmers through our “Greenhouse-in-a-Box”, an affordable, modular greenhouse integrated with end-to-end support.

MindRight is a 501c3 education nonprofit with the mission of helping at-risk youth recover from trauma. We provide evidence-informed mental health coaching over text message to high school students.

Oishii Farm’s proprietary indoor vertical farming technology will revolutionize the agriculture industry by growing local, sustainable, pesticide-free produce year round in any location in the world.

ReBeam is a wireless power transfer (WPT) company that develops WPT technology for powering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from the ground using microwaves so these can increase endurance and payload.

Creating a tailored credit score for the farmers through applying advanced machine learning technique to nontraditional data sources, we provide loans at five times lower interest rate than money lenders and offer a repayment schedule that matches the crop cycle.

Roots Studio boosts the livelihoods of rural artists by giving them the technology and training to digitize their art at minimal cost, circumventing an otherwise burdensome supply chain.

SolarPak is a waterproof backpack designed with a rechargeable solar panel to use sunlight or daylight , to illuminate with its integrated LED lamp homework and revisions for student in areas without electricity.

Taqanu aims to be a regulated financial intermediary that promotes the financial inclusion of refugees, newly arrived groups, and other disenfranchised communities in the European community and beyond.

China has the fastest-aging population in human history but the state provides very little support for elderly people. By the year 2020, China’s population aged 60 years and older is estimated to reach 243 million people, representing 17% of the total population.

Speakers & Judges

Keynote Speaker

His Excellency, Amr Al-Dabbagh
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Al-Dabbagh Group

Featured Speakers

Alisa Ahmadian

New Business & Partnerships Associate, OpenIDEO

Elana Gurney

Marketing & Communications
Manager, OpenIDEO

Laura Tyson

Executive Director,
IBSI, Berkeley Haas

Scott Wu

Partner & Head of Investments,
Omidyar Network


Cindi Choi

Senior Director,

Thomas Favennec

Project Director,
Fundacian IDEA

Heather Grant

Open Impact

Steve Hahn

Research Fellow,
Dow Chemical Company

David Hood

Managing Director,
Sonen Capital

Jonathan Klein

Co-Founder & CEO,
GO Pulic Schools

Mark Kramer


Justina Lai

Director of Impact Investing, Wetherby

Julie Lein

Managing Partner,
Urban Innovation Fund

Samir Malviya

Unitus Impact

Dave McMurtry

Global Stars Foundation

Rick Moss

Managing Director,
Better Ventures

Anne-Valérie Ohlsson

Singapore Management University

Dr. Aghan Oscar

Founder and CEO,

Alec Perkins

Portfolio Manager,
Perkins Investment Management

Luca Rancilio

Rancilio Cube

Michael Rapaport

Vice President (Former),

Patrick Sagisi

DBL Partners

Siddharth Sanghvi

Riaz, Inc.

Mayura Sen

Sr. Partnerships Officer,
Partners in Health

Sally Stevens

Chief Business Officer,
Medicines 360

Ayesha Wagle


Partners & Sponsors

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