Success Stories


Paul Polak

pho-home_paulpolack Paul Polak, founder of IDE, gave the keynote address at the GSVC 2008 Global Finals Awards Dinner.  His passionate and humor-filled presentation provided perspective, empowerment and inspiration to GSVC entrants, mentors, judges, organizers and supporters, looking to understand how to implement innovative solutions to global issues.  His new book, Out of Poverty, details his grassroots approach to addressing poverty in the developing world and challenges traditional methods of poverty eradication.

Revolution Foods

rf_new_logoThe winner of GSVC 2007, Revolution Foods, was founded by Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Tobey who met at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Having spent a large portion of their careers in education they saw an incongruence between what we were teaching our children about nutrition and what we were feeding them in schools. They believed that all students should have access to healthy, fresh food on a daily basis and have worked together to make that dream a reality. Revolution Foods now delivers tasty and healthy meals and nutrition education to schools and programs across the country. They are moving the revolution forward in Northern and Southern California, Colorado, and the Washington DC Metropolitan area. We look forward to seeing what Revolution Foods will do next!

World of Good

worldofgoodWorld of Good won both the Blended Value and honorary mention for its Social Impact Assessment awards in 2005. Officially launched in 2004 by founder Priya Haji, World of Good is comprised of two entities. The first is a non-profit organization focused on building strategies to substantially improve economic and social conditions for women and adolescent girls in the developing world living on less than $2 a day. The second is a for-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for thousands of marginalized artisans around the world to gain access to a rapidly growing segment of consumers who are looking to make informed, educated and socially-responsible decisions when they shop.