Timeline and Deliverables

The competition occurs over three rounds. During each round of the competition, entrant teams present the social, financial, and environmental values of their business, gaining valuable feedback from and exposure to some of the greatest minds in social innovation.

We encourage teams to refer to the Social Impact Guidelines and Resources pages for additional information and support.

Please note that deadlines and deliverables vary by region, so please contact the GSVC partner for your region if you have any questions or request further details.

Round One - Application Deadline: December 4, 2017

By December 4, all teams must submit their initial deliverables:


Executive summaries

  • Social venture overview
  • Value proposition (Problem and Solution)
  • Social Impact
  • Market
  • Competitive advantage
  • Revenue model
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Stakeholders
  • Team
  • Track record and next steps
  • Financial model and 5-year projections

Download the Executive Summary Template

Stakeholder Interviews

Understand the opportunity and test your concept by interviewing at least 10 existing or potential stakeholders, including customers, partners, and industry experts. Download the Stakeholder Interviews Template

Team Resumes / Bios

For each member, list his/her current role and provide a brief bio that highlights relevant experience, skills, and expertise. Download the Team Bio Template Deliverables should be grouped together in Adobe PDF file format (preferred) or Microsoft Word compatible text documents with the following file name: “TeamName_GSVC2017_Round1.” The team name should appear on each page of each deliverable. *NOTE: Some regions may require teams to submit additional items such as a business plan. Please check with your GSVC representative for requirements. Click here to apply.

Regional Semifinals - February/March 2018

The Regional Semifinals take place at each Regional Partner competition*. The Regional Semifinals are an opportunity for teams to provide deeper information on critical assumptions or characteristics of your business, as well as address any feedback received during Round One. Two finalist teams from each Regional Semifinal Round will be selected to compete at the Global Finals. All participating teams will receive feedback on their ventures from the judges. Required deliverables for this round include:


  • Executive summary (5 pages)
  • Summary of 30+ stakeholder interviews (cumulative, including the initial 10 interviews; 1-3 pages)
  • Team bios (see template below)
  • Pitch deck (10 slides + optional appendix; see template below)
  • Pitch video (<2 minutes)

*Please check with your regional partner competition representative to confirm process, dates, and deadlines for your Regional Semifinal Round. Download the Executive Summary Template Download the Stakeholder Interviews Template Download the Team Bio Template

Pitch Deck

Submit a presentation deck that contains 10 slides covering the topics listed below. In addition, your deck may include up to 5 optional appendix slides.

  • Vision
  • Opportunity
  • Stakeholders
  • Market
  • Solution
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Social Impact
  • Financial Impact
  • Team
  • Next Steps

This presentation should be a visual support to your pitch. Teams are encouraged to incorporate logos, graphics, and images that convey the personality and brand of their venture. Use a 14-point font minimum. Download additional Pitch Deck Guidelines

Pitch Video

Upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or another website a short video (less than 2 minutes) that brings your venture to life. This is a key opportunity for your team to tell your story, share your vision and explain how your venture works. This should not be a “marketing video” that only presents your product or service. Instead, we want to hear from all the members of your team and learn in your own words why you’re doing what you’re doing as well as your current and hoped-for impact. Note: If you already have a marketing video that overviews the product or service (also less than 2 mins), you may include a link in your submission; however, this is purely optional and the judging of this deliverable will only consider the team’s pitch video and will not take into account the marketing video.

Formatting Requirements for Deliverables:

  • Executive Summary, Stakeholder Interview Summary, Team Bios & link to Video on YouTube or Vimeo should be grouped together in Adobe PDF file format (preferred) or Microsoft Word compatible text documents with the following file name: “TeamName_GSVC2017_Regional”.
  • Submit deliverable 4, the pitch, as a separate document (PowerPoint preferred). Include team name in the file path for each document.
  • The team name should appear on each page of each deliverable.
  • Text pages should be single-spaced with 11-point font minimum and 0.75 inch margins.
  • Pitch should use 14-point font minimum.
Global Finals - April 11-13, 2018

The Global Finals takes place in two consecutive rounds. Each Global Finalist team will present to a panel of judges, where the top teams will be selected to present the next day at the public finals event. Teams will compete for a series of prizes totaling $80,000. Deliverables do not change between the Regional Semifinals and Global Finals. All teams will be judged on how well their ventures link a clearly defined social problem with a compelling economic opportunity, as well as the venture’s likelihood of success. The judging panels will consist of experts with more than 15 years of expertise in fields that include venture philanthropy, impact investing, international development, angel investing, venture capital, and social entrepreneurship. In a public conference, speakers provide insight into topics that have included strategies for financing social ventures, global trends in social entrepreneurship, reverse innovation, intrapreneurship, and applying technological innovations to solve the world’s most pressing social problems. Read more about the Global Finals.